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    1st Academic-Practitioner Research with Impact Workshop

    “Customer Experience Management (CEM) and Big Data”

    Monday 18th-Tuesday 19th January, 2016

    Workshop location: Chancellors Hotel

    Chancellors Hotel, Chancellors Way, Moseley Road, Fallowfield, Manchester, U.K. M14 6NN (SAT NAV: M14 6ZT)

    A collaboration of:

    The Customer Management Leadership Group (CMLG) at Alliance Manchester Business School The Big Data Forum at Alliance Manchester Business School and

    The Centre for Service Management at Loughborough University’s School of Business and Economics






    The Customer Management Leadership Group (CMLG), led by Professor John Murphy at Alliance Manchester Business School (AMBS), has been sharing the latest academic thinking around customer experience issues with practitioners from blue-chip companies in workshop settings for over 13 years. This year, in conjunction with the AMBS Big Data Forum and the Centre for Service Management (CSM) at Loughborough University’s School of Business and Economics, we plan a 2-day invitational workshop to help academics work with companies and academics across disciplines to tackle topics identified by 5 past or present CMLG member companies working in services and facilities outsourcing, transport, retail, banking and manufacturing sectors. Details of CMLG member companies can be found here:


    The aim of the workshop is for five groups of academics from differing disciplines to develop research papers based on topics identified by the companies. These will involve topics in the areas of ‘Customer Experience Management (CEM)’, ‘Big Data’ or both.

    Benefits for Academics

    • Opportunity to work with leading academics and well-established research teams from a range of universities and research disciplines.

    • Papers emerging from the workshop will be considered for publication in a potential special section of the prestigious Journal of Services Marketing, which has always focused on the importance of publishing works that are both of interest to scholars and relevant to practitioners.

    • Papers will be based on a topic/ range of problems identified by 5 companies and thus any publication could have research impact because the implications may influence the companies to change processes.

    • Opportunities for ongoing dialogue and development of research networks with well- known companies and potential data access.

    Workshop Format

    The 5 companies involved have presented us with a range of CEM & Big Data topics. These have been outlined within themes listed below:


    1. Service and customer experience measurement: metrics, processes and operations and customer perceived value in their experience

    2. CRM, customer engagement and Big Data

    3. Employee recruitment and training to improve the customer experience

    4. Developing capabilities to switch from goods-dominant logic to a service-dominant logic

    5. Leadership and culture change for a Big Data future

    In advance: Chairpersons will be appointed to liaise with the companies for each theme. The chairperson will be introduced to research contact(s) at the company or companies concerned with their theme and through communication with these research contacts will build a picture of the nature of the topics concerning the companies and start to identify potential research routes. Approximately 4-6 researchers will then be allocated to each theme. You will be informed whether your application has been successful and your allocated theme by 21st December 2015. You will then need to pay for accommodation and/or subsistence. Please note that we reserve the right to allocate you to any of the topics but will attempt to allocate you to your preferred options.

    Chairpersons and attendees include: Steve Baron, Tim Keiningham, Lerzan Aksoy, Gianfranco Walsh, Judy Zolkiewski, Thorsten Gruber, Vicky Story, Babis Theodoulidis and Werner Kunz

    At the event: The workshop will take place over 2 days.

    Day 1, Monday 18th January:


    • 9.00 am-10am Arrival and registration

    • 10.00am Company presentations: brief presentations by practitioners on their topic(s).

    • 12.30pm Networking lunch with all practitioners and all academics.


    • Academics work in small groups

    • Dinner (time TBC)

    Day 2, Tuesday 19th January:


    • 8.30am Academics work in small groups on the topic

    • 11am All 5 academic groups reconvene and the chairpersons lead presentation of their progress:

    (i) Powerpoint slides detailing key implications of the research for companies and

    (ii) Extended abstract setting out the paper

    Slides delivered to an audience of Professor Steve Baron, co-editor of the Journal of Services Marketing, the other four paper writing groups and any practitioners who might wish to return.


    • 12.30pm-2pm workshop close and lunch.

    Post workshop: The Powerpoint slides and extended abstract will be shared with the 5 companies. It is hoped that the groups, led by their chairperson, will continue to work together on the paper and future opportunities (e.g. funding bids) after the workshop and publish, possibly in the highly regarded Journal of Services Marketing.

    How to participate - Apply to be selected to attend the event by submitting:

    1) A short biography outlining areas of research interest/ expertise, key journals published in. A brief position statement (up to 500 words) with the following information: Which theme would you like to select? Why would you like choose this specific theme? What research have you conducted in area of your chosen theme?

    2) Choice of preferred theme (see table above and application link below).

    Apply via:

    Please contact if you have any questions

    Travel and Costs

    Successful applicants will not be charged workshop fees but will be required to submit:

    • £30 for registration fee (if no accommodation is required), or

    • £75 for registration fee + accommodation for 1 night (Monday 18th), or

    • £141 for registration fee + accommodation for 2 nights (Sunday 17th & Monday 18th)

    • These subsidised rates include refreshments and lunch on both days as well as dinner

    on Monday 18th January. Breakfast will be included for those staying at the hotel.

    • If your application is successful, we will send you a link to the e-store, where you can make an online payment via credit card.

    • A limited number of travel and accommodation bursaries will be made available for doctoral students. Please indicate on your application if you wish to apply for this.

    We, the organizing committee, look forward to welcoming you to the workshop

    Jamie Burton,

    Senior Lecturer and Research Director for the CMLG, Alliance Manchester Business School

    Linda Nasr,

    Lecturer, Alliance Manchester Business School

    Thorsten Gruber,

    Co-Director, Centre for Service Management (CSM), Loughborough University’s School of Business and Economics

    Dawn Holmes,

    CMLG Consultant Victoria Mansfield,

    CMLG Administrator

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