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    Third International Urbino Workshop on Business Markets


    “Organizing Marketing and Purchasing in Business Markets”

    Urbino (Italy), April 27th-28th 2006

    A co-operation between:

    Department of Business Studies (ISA), Faculty of Economics, University of Urbino “Carlo Bo”


    BI, Norwegian School of Management, Oslo

    Theme and Tracks

    Despite the increasing attention by the international marketing and management scholars on the nature and dynamics of business markets and on management strategies within these contexts, research and debate on the specific issue of organizing marketing and purchasing in companies operating in business markets is still limited. Even if in the last decade an increasing research has been developed in terms of “supply chain management” and “business relationships and networks” a few discussions have been devoted to understand the implications of such perspectives to business markets on companies’ marketing and purchasing strategies and on the role and capabilities needed in the companies’ marketing and purchasing organization.

    The ambition of the third Urbino workshop on “Organizing Marketing and Purchasing in Business Markets” is to address research issues dealing with the impact that a relational context and in particular a variety of interactions and interdependencies with customers and suppliers may have on the strategic role, organization, capabilities and performance of the marketing and purchasing functions within firms acting in business markets.

    The workshop is organized in two parts (see attached file): in the opening morning there will be a plenary session with international researchers and managers dealing with purchasing and marketing strategies within companies acting in business-to-business contexts. The workshop will continue (27th afternoon and 28th morning) with two parallel sessions (one from marketing side and one from the purchasing side) where selected papers will be presented and discussed through the co-ordination of international distinguished Professors in an informal, constructive and creative atmosphere.

    Authors are invited to take the Marketing or the Purchasing perspective and to present papers dealing with the following specific topics:


    · The strategic role of marketing in business-to-business companies;

    · The organization of the marketing function and its interaction with other functional units;

    · Professional skills and capabilities needed in the marketing function;

    · Measuring the economic performance of marketing.


    · The role of purchasing in business-to-business companies;

    · The organization of the purchasing function and its interaction with other functional units;

    · Professional skills and capabilities needed in the purchasing function.

    · Measuring the economic performance of purchasing

    Dates and deadlines

    The maximum number of papers that will be accepted is sixteen: eight dealing with the “marketing side” and eight dealing with the “purchasing side”.

    Abstracts/proposals: December 20 th, 2005

    Acceptance of abstracts: January 10 th, 2006

    First version of full paper: March 20 th, 2006

    Acceptance of the paper: March 30 th, 2006

    Final version of the accepted paper: April 20 th, 2006

    Abstracts must be submitted to and

    Abstracts should not exceed two pages and must include the title of the paper, the authors' names and institutional address, along with phone, fax and e-mail address.

    Final papers should not exceed twenty pages including figures, tables and references.

    Hope to see you in Urbino in April 2006!

    The Scientific Committee

    Giancarlo Ferrero

    Håkan Håkansson

    Annalisa Tunisini

    The Organizational Committee

    Roberta Bocconcelli

    Elisabetta Savelli

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