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    New special issue

    Now published February 2012 –

    Special Issue of Industrial Marketing Management on “Time and Process in Business Network Research”, Vol: 41, Issue 2.

    Thank you to the more than 70 IMP reviewers who worked on the 38 papers submitted for the special issue. Finally, we have 12 papers that discuss aspects of time and process research in business networks.

    Time and process in business network research, Pages 215-223

    By Aino Halinen, Christopher J. Medlin, Jan-Åke Törnroos

    Studying processes in and around networks, Pages 224-234

    By Lorenzo Bizzi, Ann Langley

    Capturing processes in longitudinal multiple case studies, Pages 235-246

    By Lise Aaboen, Anna Dubois, Frida Lind

    Decoding network dynamics, Pages 247-258

    By Hsin-Hui Chou, Judy Zolkiewski

    Using actors' perceptions of network roles and positions to understand network dynamics, Pages 259-269

    By Morten H. Abrahamsen, Stephan C. Henneberg, Peter Naudé

    Perceptions of Change in Business Relationships and Networks, Pages 270-286

    By Daniela Corsaro, Ivan Snehota

    Narrative approach in business network process research — Implications for theory and methodology, Pages 287-299

    By Hannu Makkonen, Leena Aarikka-Stenroos, Rami Olkkonen

    Putting critical realism to work in the study of business relationship processes, Pages 300-311

    By Annmarie Ryan, Jaana Tähtinen, Markus Vanharanta, Tuija Mainela

    Temporality in business networks: The role of narratives and management technologies, Pages 312-318

    By Luis Araujo, Geoff Easton

    Communication practices in a business relationship: Creating, relating and adapting communication artifacts through time, Pages 319-332

    By Katy Mason, Sheena Leek

    Critical events in time and space when cooperation turns into competition in business relationships, Pages 333-343

    By Annika Tidström, Åsa Hagberg-Andersson

    The contrary forces of innovation: A conceptual model for studying networked innovation processes, Pages 344-356

    By Thomas Hoholm, Per Ingvar Olsen

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