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    Announcement: Available Ph. D. Scholarship in Supply Chain/Logistics Strategy

    BI Norwegian School of Management is inviting applications for a scholarship in Supply Chain/Logistics Strategy. The scholarship is made available through the Research Council of Norway and firms participating in the STRATLOG project.

    The candidate will pursue the Ph. D. through the doctoral program of BI Norwegian School of Management and base the thesis research on a topic of interest to the STRATLOG project.

    The Doctoral program at BI Norwegian School of Management

    BI Norwegian School of Management offers a four year doctoral program in business administration. The candidate for the scholarship will work under the Strategic Management specialization

    The STRATLOG project

    Supply chains are emerging as important strategic entities and effective Supply Chain Management – based on knowledge as to how to integrate and manage both logistics and manufacturing activities - is increasingly seen as a key element of strategy. A fundamental assumption behind the STRATLOG project is that the strategic reality for logistics service providers, the firms that actually manage supply chains, is different from the one facing their clients, i.e. manufacturers or retailers.

    To enhance our understanding of supply chains and networks, there is a need for research not only covering how individual companies or business units create value, but also how value is created in an inter-organizational setting. There is a need to enhance our understanding of how supply and distribution systems work, how value is created in such systems, how these networks may be configured, and what the roles or functions of different actors working within these entities are.

    The focal firm in our project is Trebuchet, a logistics service provider using highly advanced systems to enable integrated supply chain solutions where information, goods and cash flows are consolidated on behalf of multiple clients. Physical logistics solutions are optimized for the specific need of each individual supply chain or business segment through a unique network of leading logistic providers.

    Main researchers in the STRATLOG project are Lars Huemer, Associate professor of Strategy, Department of Strategy and Logistics, and Gøran Persson, Professor of Logistics, Department of Strategy and Logistics.

    Research topics

    The main objective is to study and evaluate interaction processes aimed at the creation and facilitation of more efficient and environmentally friendly supply solutions.

    In the project we will:

    • focus on mediating and problem solving activities which are central to the functioning of supply flows,

    • increase the understanding of the roles of different actors in creating efficient and sustainable supply flows and logistics solutions, and

    • present a coherent framework of strategic management relevant for Logistics Service Providers

    Desired candidate profile

    We encourage applications from candidates who have a strong background in Logistics and/or Strategic Management or other relevant areas, interested in an academic career in research and teaching, and who possess strong analytical skills. Students with a passion for bridging the knowledge gap between different business models and logics are welcome. After successful completion of the program we expect our graduates to be placed at leading research institutions or work with leading logistics enterprises.

    The selected candidate will be working closely with the faculty. The main place of work will be at the Norwegian School of Management in Oslo and at Trebuchet and its network partners.


    The four-year scholarship is set according to the Norwegian State Salary Scale, and currently pays NOK 341,800 per year (approximately EUR 39,000 or USD 52,000 at current exchange rates). The scholarship involves 25% (35 hours) teaching and/or research assistant responsibilities. Please submit:

    1. Certificate of a Master of Science degree or equivalent, please include transcripts of grades

    2. Other relevant certificates and transcripts

    3. A project proposal (5-10 pages including topic, proposed method, schedule)

    4. CV

    5. Letters of recommendations from relevant employers/tutors providing evidence of your skills as a researcher

    6. Certificates from previously completed courses at the doctoral level, if requesting approval of these for the PhD program at BI Norwegian School of Management (see last section of § 3.1.1 in our PhD Regulations)

    7. A complete list of all publications and/or other documented relevant activities

    Applications must be submitted electronically using the procedure as explained at the Doctoral Program pages.

    Appointment to a position as Doctoral Scholar is conditioned on admittance to BI Norwegian School of Management’s doctoral program in accordance with the admission requirements, which includes a completed master thesis with a grade B or higher.

    If applicants are otherwise equally qualified, female applicants will be given preference.

    Applicants are encouraged to contact Associate Professor of Strategy Lars Huemer, +47 4641 0473) or Professor of Logistics Gøran Persson, +47 4641 0483) for further information about the STRATLOG project, the application and the project description.

    Additional information about the doctoral program and admission requirements can be obtained from the Program Director Dóra Sigurdardottir at BI Norwegian School of Management, +47 46 41 00 57).

    The application deadline for the scholarship is July 31, 2009.

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