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    New doctoral course: 'Advances in B2B Marketing Research' in Turku, Finland 19th to 22nd August, 2019

    The doctoral course 'Advances in B2B Marketing Research' focuses on the most vital streams of B2B research relating to the concepts of value, service, networks and strategy, and helps to develop understandings on dominant B2B research paradigms (both mainstream and IMP), key theories, and future development trends.

    The faculty comprise of professors:

    • Andreas Eggert, Paderborn University, Germany

    • Christian Kowalkowski, Linköping University, Sweden

    • Dirk Totzek, University of Passau, Germany

    • Aino Halinen, Turku School of Economics, University of Turku, Finland

    The course will be arranged in cooperation of KATAJA (The Finnish Doctoral Program in Business Studies) and EIASM (European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management). The total student intake will be 25, around half whom will be admitted from Finnish universities, and the other half is reserved for participants from foreign (European) universities.

    The course is held in in Turku, Finland 19th to 22nd August, 2019. Details of the course are available on both KATAJA (click here) and EIASM (click here) webpages.
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