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  • March 20th 2018

    PhD course on Research Design

    Building a relevant and meaningful research design is essential to the successful completion of a PhD and other research projects. There are a growing number of methods available for the study of business. This increased diversity provides opportunities for more creative and valuable research problem solutions but also creates the need for more complex decision making about which methods to use and how to combine them.

    The runs from 17 – 21 september 2018 in Kolding, Denmark
    For more information see
  • January 9th 2018


    We are happy to announce that the University Rey Juan Carlos will host the 2018 CBIM International Conference from June 18-20, 2018. The CBIM International Conference welcomes academics, professionals and doctoral students from around the world to a rigorous, candid, but friendly discussion of current topics in B2B marketing. We invite you to join us in Madrid.

    Please send by February 15, 2018:
    Detailed abstract (maximum 4 pages double spaced)
  • January 9th 2018

    The IMP Journal Seminar in Rennes, France, May 3-4 2018

    The aim of the IMP Journal Seminar in Rennes is to discuss research papers that address starting up / relationship initiation processes in networks, primarily around one or more of the following issues:

    1) Interaction processes when developing new relationships by (university) start-ups
    2) Interaction processes when established firms develop new customer and supplier relationships
    3) Interaction processes when developing new (or re-configuring existing) relationships between public bodies and private businesses both as customers or suppliers
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