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    Join the IMP Forum Seminar, Online and in Uppsala (Sweden), May 19-20th, 2021

    Dear IMP colleagues,

    We have the pleasure of inviting you to the IMP Forum Seminar that will be held online and in Uppsala University, 19-20 May 2021. The seminar will start at noon on May 19th and will end at lunch on May 20th 2021.

    The papers are to be discussed across two tracks; one General and one Special on 'Understanding digital transformation from an inter-organizational network perspective' (see CFP). For the General Track we welcome researchers to submit papers on any aspect of the overall phenomenon of the interactive business world.

    We look forward to receiving your abstract (by February 15th, 2021) for the next IMP Forum Seminar!

    Best wishes from the

    IMP Forum Seminar Organizing Team

    Jens Eklinder Frick, Andrea Perna, Vincent Fremont, and Alexandra Waluszewski
    IMP Forum CfP
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