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    Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden, May18th-20th 2006


    Dear Research Colleagues

    In May 2005 we held a seminar in Oslo for a limited number of invited colleagues who were potential contributors to the IMP Journal. A number of the papers developed from this seminar will be published in the new IMP Journal. The first issue of this will available on-line at the IMP Website from January 1st 2006.

    Following the success of this seminar, we now plan to hold a second, similar seminar from 18th-20th May 2006 at Chalmers in Gothenburg.

    Prospective authors are invited to submit full papers (no abstracts) for initial review as soon as possible and at the latest by 1st March 2006. The results of this initial review will be announced by March 15th 2006. Successful authors will then be invited to attend the seminar on 18th-20th May.

    At the seminar, each author will present their paper. Two members of the Editorial Review Board of the Journal will then present their comments on that paper, followed by general discussion on the paper and the area of study. Following the seminar, authors will be invited to develop or modify their paper for further review.

    This format as well as the input from reviewers and the time that can be devoted to each paper enable authors to benefit from helpful review and discussion of their work.

    Papers that are successful at final review will be published in the IMP Journal.

    Places at the seminar are competitive and strictly limited and initially will be limited to one author for each paper.

    Accommodation in Gothenberg will be provided for successful presenters. We are very grateful to Professor Anna Dubois and to the Department of Industrial Marketing at Chalmers for these arrangements.

    There is no restriction on the length of papers (within reason!). Papers should be within the general area of work of the IMP Group and the Journal. The IMP Journal is on-line and available to all. Our aim is to publish research of the highest quality into all aspects of the interaction between companies and organisations in business networks.

    Submissions and enquiries should be directed to the editor.

    Thank you and Best Wishes.

    David Ford

    Editor IMP JOURNAL

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