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    IMP Journal becomes IMP Forum

    Building on 40 years of IMP research that has contributed to better understanding of the interactive business world, the ambition of the IMP Forum is to become a platform for research exploring further the interactive business world; including interorganizational business relationships, interaction processes, network interdependencies and the consequences for business, policy, research and society at large.

    Submissions to the IMP Forum should go through the JBIM site.

    Once on the JBIM site as ‘author’ you proceed with ‘Start new submission’. At Step 1, when asked to choose your manuscript type, select the option ‘IMP Forum’.

    For paper already submitted to IMP Journal, this site remains active. Papers currently under review will be soon migrated to the IMP Forum by the publisher, while papers under revision will be transferred when they come back from authors.

    Past issues of the IMP Journal can be accesses through links indicated at the JBIM site. Volumes 1-9 through this link at, Volumes 10-12 through the IMP Journal at Emerald.

    IMP Forum will continue the tradition of organizing research seminars (formerly IMP Journal seminars) to support research projects and development of papers on the above topics. Next IMP Forum seminar will take place in February 2019 at Uppsala and will focus on public -private interactions. Other seminars are on a planning stage.

    Welcome to take part in an ongoing IMP debate submitting to the IMP Forum.

    Editor of the IMP Forum

    Ivan Snehota
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