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    Call for papers: Marketing practices and the shaping of markets

    The notion of market shaping invites a focus on the processes and structures that constitute markets whereas the notion of practice evokes the set of distributed and coordinated actions that perform markets. The interrelationship between market shaping and marketing practices is, we propose, a central and yet neglected issue in Marketing.

    The background for the issue is a growing interest in market-making practices triggered by recent work in the sociology of markets. This body of research has centred on the notion of performativity of theories and managerial technologies. Rather than seeing theories as simply representing markets, performativity takes an interest in the import of theories into practice and how these practices shape the nature of markets. To date, however, these efforts have been primarily concerned with financial and auction markets as well as market regulation, leaving unattended the bulk of market forms typically addressed in marketing theory.

    While the Marketing discipline purportedly concerns itself with markets, recent literature often conflates the notions of exchange and markets. Markets are seen as aggregations of exchanges and the role of market institutions in shaping activities within and beyond specific exchange episodes has been comparatively neglected. Viewing marketing practices as implicated in market-making rather than as managerial tools for mining pre-existing demand, raises several important questions concerning the character, scope and interrelationship between marketing practices and market forms. Taking the role of marketing practices seriously implies taking a fresh look at classic issues such as the character and scope of market agency, the interrelationship between marketing institutions and marketing practices, and the nature of marketing professions.

    For this issue, we invite contributions ranging from conceptual papers, to methodologies for investigating marketing practices, to detailed empirical accounts, contemporary or historical, addressing questions such as:

    1) How do marketing practices contribute to the formation and operation of markets – e.g. how do marketing practices represent and configure “customers”?

    2) What forms do markets take and how do different forms affect and become affected by marketing practices – for example, how are differences between market forms (e.g. consumer vs. organisational) sustained by different marketing practices?

    3) How do different types of market actors (e.g. buyers, sellers, marketing institutions, trade associations, regulators) shape, and in turn become shaped by, particular market forms and marketing practices?

    4) How are marketing professions defined, what underpins their specialisms and what is their relationship with particular market forms and marketing institutions? Papers will be subjected to a blind, peer reviewing process following customary practice in Marketing Theory.

    The special issue will be edited by Luis Araujo (Lancaster University Management School), Hans Kjellberg (Stockholm School of Economics) and Robert Spencer (Euromed, Marseille).

    Papers should be sent electronically to Luis Araujo ( The deadline for submission of papers is 30th June 2006.
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