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    The IMP JOURNAL Seminar October 2017

    Dear Colleagues,

    we invite you once more to Poznań! This time to participate in the IMP Journal Seminar which

    will be held at the Poznań University of Economics and Business from 12th to 13th October,

    2017. We strongly hope that this event will draw your attention and we will have an opportunity

    to meet again in our city.

    The aim of the IMP Journal Seminar in Poznan is to discuss papers that present researches and

    conceptual issues on business networks and interaction in two directions – one more specific

    and one more general:

    1. Networks in a transnational context (e.g. formation and development of international

    business network, interaction across borders, distribution of benefits across borders).

    2. General papers on interaction, relationships and interdependencies.

    The outcome of the Seminar will be a Special Issue of the IMP Journal. The IMP Journal is the

    part of Emerald Publishing. The research area of the IMP Journal concentrates research on

    business interaction; its content and consequences, for business and society at large. Conceptual

    and empirical papers that are submitted to the IMP Journal contribute, by investigating

    interaction and interdependencies, to the development of research on marketing, purchasing,

    technological development and innovation, policy, strategy, operations, logistics, information

    systems, human resources, etc. (for more information please visit ).

    The ambition with the IMP Journal seminar is twofold: to share and discuss ideas among

    authors and to enhance the quality of the reviewer process and thus of the final papers.

    Important principles of the IMP Journal seminar:

     It is the paper that is in focus and the key issue is how to develop the quality of the

    paper. Every author will during session of 45 minutes dedicated to the paper, get

    comments from experienced IMP researchers and concrete suggestions for how to

    develop the paper.

     We do not foresee to start with authors presenting the paper, assuming that all

    participants read it.

     Every participant (author) will be reviewer on at least one paper and there are two

    reviewers to each paper.

     The first reviewer has a central role for each session. The first reviewer starts the

    session; presents the paper and the review.

     The second reviewer continues before the floor is opened for the author and the other


    All papers should be prepared according to IMP Journal manuscript requirements

    ( ).

    Deadlines and schedule for the IMP Journal Seminar

    30th June 2017 – submission of extended abstract (2-3 pages).

    7th of July 2017 – confirmation of abstract acceptance

    1st September 2017– submission of papers

    28th September 2017– review deadline

    12th-13th October 2017 – IMP Journal Seminar

    1st December 2017 – submission of revised paper

    In order to participate in the IMP Journal Seminar each participate should:

    - have the abstract approved;

    - send the paper within the deadline;

    - prepare at least 1 peer-review of the paper for the Seminar.

    Timetable of the Seminar

    The IMP Journal Seminar will start at 10 am on October 12th and will end at lunch on October

    13th 2017.

    Please note that there is no fee for the Seminar, however participants should cover travel and

    accommodation costs.

    In order to take part in the Seminar, send the abstract to the following e-mail address:

    We strongly encourage you to take part in the IMP Journal Seminar and meet once again in


    Best wishes,

    IMP Journal Seminar Poznań 2017 Organizing Team
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