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    Call for Papers

    Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing

    Special issue on: Business negotiation Guest editors:

    PhD Lars-Johan Åge, Stockholm School of Economics PhD Per Hedberg, Stockholm School of Economics Professor Uta Herbst, Universität Potsdam

    Topic of the Special Issue

    Buyer-seller negotiations play a key role in business-to-business markets, since the majority of exchange conditions (e.g., price, delivery time, quantity) are negotiated between the partners in a supply chain. In this sense, Alderson (1957, p. 133) refers to negotiations as the “crowning process of business effort” and Bonoma and Johnston (1978, p. 218) even suggest that industrial purchases in general are best viewed as “negotiated settlements”.

    Negotiations, being defined as intra-personal decision making processes where at least two parties with at least partly different interests try to come to a joint agreement decisively impact companies’ profits. In today’s increasingly competitive business-to-business markets, sellers and buyers alike are experiencing increasing pressure to achieve the best possible result in each transaction. Consequently, the successful management of negotiations has become increasingly important (Guo & Lim, 2005; Herbst, Voeth & Meister 2011). Herbst et al. (2011) argued that the analysis of business negotiations “should be of key importance in marketing research”.

    This special issue focuses on the topic of business negotiation. It acknowledges that negotiations are not only single episodes, but also something that can take place within both newly formed and established relationships. It also pays attention to the fact that many business negotiations are not adversarial but rather aim at co-creating of value. Such a cooperative “problem solving approach” (Graham, Mintu & Rodgers, 1994), however, sometimes needs to be combined with more competitive elements in order to look after the parties sound self-interests.

    We welcome both conceptual and empirical papers contributing to an enhanced understanding of the role of business negotiations on contemporary industrial markets.

    Target topics relevant to this special issue of JBIM include, but are not limited to:

    • What is the role of business negotiation on contemporary industrial markets?

    • What are current trends and developments in the area of business negotiations?

    • What is the main difference between the negotiation process in newly formed relationships and in established relationships in terms of process, strategies and tactics?

    • What are the main differences between dyadic and multiparty negotiation in B2B

    markets in terms of process, strategies and tactics?

    • In what situations are the cooperative or competitive approaches most suitable? How can these two strategies be mixed effectively?

    • What are the critical elements of negotiation processes in industrial markets of today?

    How are these elements interrelated?

    • In what way are negotiations on business markets similar to other types of negotiations (for example, crisis negotiation), and what are the implications of these similarities?

    • What is the best way to train and teach negotiation management to organizational representatives in B2B markets?

    Submission of papers

    Papers submitted must not have been published, accepted for publication, or presently be under consideration for publication in any other journal. Submissions should be either full length articles (approximately 6,000 words) or shorter articles (approximately 2,000 words). Submissions to the Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing must be made using the ScholarOne Manuscript Central system. For more details, please visit and consult the author guidelines. A separate title page containing the title, name of author/s, and contact information for the author(s) must be uploaded. Suitable articles will be subject to a double-blind peer review. Hence, authors should not identify themselves in the body of the paper.

    All papers will undergo a blind refereeing process conducted by at least two referees. Submission deadline: 1 October 2015

    Reviews returned: 1 December 2015

    Resubmission of papers: 1 February 2016

    Final decision: February 30 2016

    Publication: April 2016

    When submitting your manuscript, you will be asked to specify whether the manuscript is for a normal issue of the Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing or for a special issue. Please, make sure that you select the business negotiation special issue option.

    Please address all questions to guest editor:

    PhD Lars-Johan Åge, (, Stockholm School of Economics


    Alderson, W. (1957), Marketing Behavior and Executive Action. Homewood, IL: Richard D.


    Bonoma, T. V and Johnston, W.J. (1978). The Social Psychology of Industrial Buying and

    Selling. Industrial-Marketing-Management. (Aug) Vol. 7, No.4, 213-224.

    Graham, J.L., Mintu, A.T., Rodgers, W. (1994). Explorations of negotiation behaviours in ten foreign cultures using a model developed in the united states, Management Science, Vol. 40, No. 1, 72-95.

    Guo, X., & Lim, J. (2005). Negotiation support system and team negotiations: The coalition formation perspective. Information and Software Technology, 49(11-12), 121-1127.

    Herbst, U., Voeth, M., Meister, C. (2011). Wh. at do we know about buyer-seller negotiations in marketing research? A status quo analysis. Industrial Marketing Management, 40, 967-978.

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