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    11-12 APRIL 2013

    We are pleased to announce that this year’s IMP Journal seminar will be hosted by Euromed Management, Marseille, France.

    The seminar will focus on the theme of “STRATEGY AND NETWORKS”, and will follow the usual style and format, with papers being subject to an initial review process, and subsequent debate opposite a Discussant during the workshop sessions.

    Abstracts and proposals should be addressed by e-mail to:

    Closure date for abstracts: 15 January 2013

    Closure date for paper submittal: 1 March 2013

    Looking forward to welcoming you to Marseille.

    On behalf of the Organising Committee:

    Robert Spencer, David Ford, Ivan Snehota, Simona D’Antone


    The term “strategy” is widely and often loosely used across the business world. Strategy is commonly associated with the management and development of a single business firm and the ways in which that firm competes with others. The concept of strategy is often expressed in such terms as vision, orientation, planning and the development and exploitation of the resources of the firm.

    But the empirical reality of an interactive business landscape poses particular problems for our understanding of the nature or even of the relevance of conventional ideas of business strategy and the process of strategizing. The interactive business landscape is populated by interdependent, incomplete actors and the process within the landscape consists less of independent action and more of interaction between active counterparts. But the actors in the interactive business landscape are not passive recipients of the outcomes of the process of interaction. The concept of business networking has been developed to encapsulate the interventions of those actors in the interactions between their direct and indirect counterparts with the aim of achieving change in the structure and process of the business network.

    This IMP Journal Seminar is concerned with developing ideas on the processes of strategy development and strategic thinking in the interactive business landscape. We welcome conceptual and empirical papers at all stages of development. All papers will be fully reviewed and a discussant will be assigned to each presentation.

    Research questions that we wish to address include, but are not limited to the following:

    How do business actors develop strategy for the long-term development of their relationships and network position?

    How relevant are conventional views of strategy in the interactive business landscape?

    What are the connections between actors’ network pictures, their strategizing and strategy implementation?

    What are the processes of networking in the business landscape and what is the scope for joint action to achieve direct and indirect network change?

    What is the interplay between individual strategy and business interaction?

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