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  • September 20th 2019

    21th Nordic Conference on Small Business Research (NCSB) (27)28-29 May 2020

    Warmly welcome to the 21th Nordic Conference on Small Business Research (NCSB), which is organized (27)28-29 May 2020 at the Department of Entrepreneurship and Relationship Management, University of Southern Denmark, Kolding.
  • September 17th 2019

    Post-doc position at KEDGE Business School

    Post-doc position “Business as Unusual : New Business Models and Practices”
    KEDGE Business School invites applications to fill a vacant post-doctoral position linked to the research chair « Business as Unusual: New Business Models and Practices.
    Profile: Business marketing and strategy
    Duration : Twelve months initially
    Preferred period : End of 2019 onwards
    Languages : Mastery of French and English required
  • September 13th 2019

    JOIN THE IMP FORUM SEMINAR, Universita’ Politecnica delle Marche (UNIVPM), Ancona, Italy, 3-4 October 2019

    The aim of the IMP FORUM SEMINAR in Ancona is to discuss research on the empirical phenomenon of ‘Business and sustainable development’
    as well as related conceptual and methodological issues. Research on the general phenomenon of business interaction is also discussed.

    ‘Business and sustainable development’

    Nowadays ‘sustainable development’ is gaining increasingly importance. New approaches and technologies such as circular economy and the rise of the Industry 4.0 have been increasingly highlighted as means that help business and society to move towards sustainable development (McDowall et al., 2017). It is evident that technological development and innovation are not enough to meeting future resource needs in a sustainable manner. New ways of organizing (at single company level, at inter-organizational level and at network level), sensible public policies and public-private partnerships are needed to face such a great challenge. Indeed, production and distribution processes emerge as combinations of different technologies, often dispersed in the business network. Development towards sustainability is likely to affect businesses and their way to operate, the way they relate to other businesses and the dynamics of business networks. We are convinced (as the IMP colleagues who have already addressed these issues) that the IMP perspective (e.g. Håkansson and Snehota, 2017), with its focus on interactions, relationships and networks, can generate new and valuable insights on sustainable development by tackling the problem from a theoretical, methodological, managerial and policy making perspective.
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