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Wilkinson, Ian


University of Sydney


Professor of Marketing


B.Sc (Southampton), M.Sc (Warwick), Ph.D.(UNSW)






Research Expertise

Agent-Based Modeling of Business Relations and Networks (my new big thing)
Business relations and Networks
Schemas, memes and ideas (not pictures!) as the fourth arm of AAR framework - AARS
Complexity, evolution and dynamics of networks
Process models of internationalisation and opportunity recognition
Ultimate Consumption and the role of river cruising
The selective citing of some senior IMPers of other IMPers - IMP and you're not!
Journal of Business Market Management
Education services research is more than about teaching
What managers responses to surveys really mean
Why arrows only go one-way in most models - and shouldn't
The Dark Side of services marketing - Customer Husbandry

Professional Bodies:

Australia New Zealand Marketing Academy,

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